Did you know in 2011 Children’s Haven:


  • was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • had 373 children stay with us while families resolved a crisis 
  • assisted 129 families by caring for their children 
  • provided 2,814 shelter nights of care (Shelter nights for kids in crisis more than doubled from the previous year while their parents resolved the issue at hand). 
  • celebrated our 8th anniversary 
  • scheduled hundreds of pediatric medical appointments 
  • made hundreds of trips to area schools to transport children 
  • fed children 14,007 nutritious meals and snacks 
  • nurtured 259 (69%) children ages 0-6, 77 (21%) children ages 7-12, and 37 (10%) teens ages 13 thru 17 
  • provided care to a 5 day old baby as the youngest child and 17yr 10mos was the oldest 
  • served 195 (52%) males and 178 (48%) females 
  • threw a lot of birthday parties 
  • avoided geographical boundary restrictions and of the children in crisis, 79% (294) were from Jasper county, 13% (49) were from Newton county, 1% (5) were from McDonald County, and 7% (25) were from other locations in the four states as well as farther when needed. 
  • was assisted by  hundreds of volunteers 
  • helped children of diverse backgrounds; 13% were African American, 1% American Indian, 81% Caucasian, 3% Hispanic, 1% Asian, and 1% Pacific Islander
  • made referrals to The Alliance of Southwest Missouri’s Project Care, Salvation Army, Crosslines, Access Family Healthcare, Parents As Teachers, Children’s Division, Lafayette House, Children’s Center, Economic Security, United Way, Carthage Crisis Center,  Job Corp, MO Career Center, Social Security Administration,  Community Clinic, Health Department, WIC, Head Start   




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